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What is a Feral  Cat?

A feral cat is a cat that is not socialized to humans, or her contact with humans has diminished over time while living outdoors. Feral cats are often members of a “colony,” which consists of a bonded group of cats that survive on their own outdoors. Feral cat colonies often share a common food source and territory.

Most feral colonies originate from intact (un-neutered/spayed) cats, that are strays or people’s pets that are allowed to roam outdoors.

A feral cat is almost always fearful of humans, and will not get too close or run into hiding when approached. In time, feral cats can develop trust towards their caretakers, but still may be fearful of strangers.

Chavo - Our lovely feral

What is TNR ?

TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) is the most compassionate and humane method of improving the lives of feral cats, and the most effective way of reducing feral cat populations.  The cats are humanely trapped and transported to our veterinarian where they receive a health exam, vaccinations, sterilization surgery, and an "ear tip." An ear tip is a universal sign of an altered feral cat. After surgery, the cat stays in recovery, and then is returned back to it's colony where caretakers continue to provide adequate food, water, and shelter.

Kittens and tame (friendly) cats, are placed into our foster program where they are loved and cared for until their forever found.

Since the cats are no longer able to reproduce, the number of colony members will gradually decrease. By eliminating fighting, mating, and wandering the neighborhood howling for a mate, the colony becomes stable, and the intake of newcomers is less likely to occur. And to top it off, the cats' overall health improves immensely!